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Check out the 2014 Teen Choice Awards first wave nominations below and remember to vote at

Female Artist
– Taylor Swift
Miley Cyrus
– Beyonce
– Lorde
– Katy Perry
– Ariana Grande

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Miley scored the #25 position at the Maxim’s Hot List of 2014! “Our 2013 Hot 100 #1 went from screaming tween fans to an edgy adulthood. Working as a successful singer, model, and actress, we still can’t believe that she’s related to the man who coined “Achy Breaky Heart.”"

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Added new candids of Miley leaving 100 Club in London on May 7, 2014. Check them out!

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Added new concert pictures of Miley performing in London, UK on May 6, 2014. Check them out!

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Added new candids of Miley arriving at the O2 Arena in London, UK for her concert on May 6, 2014. Check them out!

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Miley Cyrus may be well-known for some wild antics, but she insists taking drugs is not one of them.

According to People, the singer refuted rumors that her recent illness was anything other than the reported bad reaction to medicine. It led to the rescheduling of some dates for her “Bangerz” tour.

Cyrus insisted she is “the poster child for good health” while speaking Tuesday during a press conference at London’s O2 Arena in anticipation of her rebooted European tour.

“I didn’t have a drug overdose,” she said. “I took some s****y antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection and I had a reaction.”
Cyrus fell ill in April while on tour and was hospitalized for an “extreme allergic reaction.” The illness also caused her to delay the start of her European tour.

The former “Hannah Montana” star now says she is on the mend, thanks in part to vitamins and honey. She said she was happy to be past “the most miserable two weeks of my life.”

“I’m probably the only one on this tour who doesn’t drink or smoke before a show, as I take this really seriously,” Cyrus said. “It’s almost like being an athlete being up here, because if someone was f***ed up, they definitely couldn’t do my show.”

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Miley has spotted the #79 position at the 2014 FHM Sexiest Women in the World. “She was born Destiny Hope, but adopted her nickname Miley and took her grandad’s middle name Ray after his death. She’s had three top ten albums in the UK; two of them went to number one in America. She was given a Bob Marley-shaped cake on her 19th birthday, and later commented that, “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much fuckin’ weed.”

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Miley Cyrus still isn’t feeling well.

The 21-year-old pop star has been forced to postpone still more tour dates after symptoms from a serious allergic reaction returned, her rep confirmed to the Daily News.

The “We Can’t Stop Singer” postponed the remainder of her U.S. tour in mid-April after being hospitalized for the reaction. It seems that Cyrus hasn’t fully recovered.

The starlet was about to embark on the European part of her “Bangerz” tour when her health took a turn for the worst.
She has now postponed her upcoming shows in Amsterdam and Antwerp for this weekend, but has yet to put off her May 6 show in London.

“This type of extreme reaction can last up to 27 days and Cyrus must remain under doctor’s care at this time,” her rep said.

On Tuesday, the starlet tweeted 128 crying cat face emojis, perhaps in response to her relapse.

Cyrus had just opened up to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Monday about her stint in the hospital.

“It was so scary,” she said. “When you’re allergic to something, you’re literally poisoning yourself, so I had just been poisoning myself for a week with something I didn’t know I was really, scary allergic to.”

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After a miserable time in the hospital, Miley Cyrus was finally released and is ready to get back on the road for her Bangerz tour.

According to E! News, the 21-year-old is in Los Angeles resting up for the European leg of her tour after suffering an “absolutely horrible reaction” to flu medication.

“She is feeling much better and Europe [tour] is still on,” a source close to the “We Can’t Stop” singer told E!

Miley’s sickness forced her to cancel the remaining shows in the US, which she rescheduled for August. She is heading to Europe next week and her first concert is Friday, May 2 in Amsterdam followed by stops in Belgium, the U.K., Ireland and France.

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Who better than Dolly Parton to explain why Miley Cyrus made Time’s 100 Most Influential People list? After all, the 68-year-old country music legend is the 21-year-old “Adore You” singer’s godmother.

Other musicians who are being honored include Beyoncé, Carrie Underwood and Pharrell Williams. According to Parton, Cyrus’ provocative persona—not to mention her image makeover—made her one of the most talked about stars of the last year. “If I didn’t know how smart and talented Miley is, I might worry about her. But I’ve watched her grow up. So I don’t. She knows what she’s doing,” Parton writes. “She was very proud of the work she did as Hannah Montana, but people were gonna leave her there forever. And she was just smotherin’ and chokin’ in it. So she felt she had to do something completely drastic. “And she did. She made her point, she made her mark, and more power to her.”

Parton hopes people will pay attention to Cyrus’ music and not her stunts. “‘Wrecking Ball’ is a great song. The whole album is great. So I’m hoping that now she can relax and show people how talented she really is,” she says. “‘Cause the girl can write. The girl can sing. The girl is smart. And she doesn’t have to be so drastic. But I will respect her choices. I did it my way, so why can’t she do it her way?”